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Are you always worried about the safety of your family and friends, and worried if the family and friends are in danger, you can not even be informed, and give help. HelpMee app is designed for convenient for help. This is our own application designed for family, therefore, we carefully design. We hope that this system can help to make more convenient and quick to notify the emergency contact person or police protection, in order to reduce the degree of victimization.

  • Action Protection

    Combining rescue units and mutual attention team creates a protection network.  Detail

  • SAVE

    Developed a variety of innovative v, whether it is shaking, removal, timing, remote control, etc ...

  • SAFE

    A variety of innovative research and development help, whether it is shaking, removal, timing, remote control, etc ...


    By sharing your reprint, perhaps someone will be indirectly affected by help!


About Us

HelpMee is a team composed of software, hardware and marketing, we want to let friends and family around us can be a convenient and friendly assistance ,and let the people we care about are safe and happy !

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  Address: Chung Yung Christian University Executive Operation Center for Industry-Academia Cooperation No.200, Xinzhong N. Rd., Zhongli City, Taoyuan County 320, Taiwan R.O.C. 102B
 Phone: 03-2651882