1.Motivation :
1.1 Developed by love and care
Are you always worried about the safety of your family and friends, and worried if the family and friends are in danger, you can not even be informed, and give help. HelpMee app is designed for convenient for help.
"HelpMee" is designed to solve this problem and make it easier to help.
This is our own application designed for family, therefore, we carefully design.
We hope that this system can help to make more convenient and quick to notify the emergency contact person or police units in order to reduce the degree of victimization.
HelpMee providesIncident location targeting、Recording the scene、Send SMS for help、Emergency call、Send report SMS、Facebook Posts for help、Distress signals、Siren and so on(We will develop more informed way).
You can trigger for helpby shaking the phone、Shake the phone + Press SOS button、 Desktop shortcut、Simply press the SOS button、etc...(Continued development and announcement).

1.2 Who need HelpMee(Related news)
  • People often go home alone at night.(Work late, take the path home, alone ride home)
  • Children go home alone(Worried about children being kidnapped, School bullying, etc... )
  • Family with chronic diseases or elderly people living alone(Avoid an emergency situation, such as heart disease, hypertension, etc...)
  • Natural or wild encounter disaster(Mountain accident, or lost in the wild)
  • People like to go clubbing(Avoid encountering Person with intent)
When you encounter this situation, HelpMee can quickly locate, notify to the relevant relatives and rescue units through the inform way which you set.    

2.HelpMee instructions :
2.0 Home
There is a setting button on the upper right side.SOS button is in the middle, there is a tool box in SOS button left lower, and in the upper right is mode setting.
2.1 Mode setting
In the top of the home page there is a mode setting button which you can setting SOS method.(Ex: SMS, eMail, emergency call, SOS signals, etc...), Depending on the situation needs to do Combination, we provide a convenient choice( Ex: Nightclub mode, Domestic Violence mode, Climbing mode, etc...).
In addition to the basic way, more help way on the top of the page.(Ex: Shaking trigger, Headset trigger, Timer trigger, etc...).
2.1.1 Ringing mode
After open ringing mode, when help trigger, the bell sound for help.
2.1.2 SMS report
SMS report is based on latitude and longitude of the phone where the judge made the county you are in, the information(Your cellphone number, location, help message) will help send the SMS to the local police units's report Line.(If it can not determine the location, the SMS is reached NPA report Line).
At the same time the switch is pressed, the confirmation window will pop up to confirm whether you want to open the SMS report.
2.1.3 Shaking trigger
When the phone is shaken to reach the standard which you set, the phone will countdown 10 seconds.(As shown below right)10 seconds later it will trigger a distress message, You can also press the right trigger, or press cancel button and leave.(See 2.2.1 shaking set)
Open Prevent, HelpMee won't trigger immediately. You should press the power button then there will trigger the countdown(If you don't press within 30 seconds, then turn off the screen) Of course, you can also press the trigger or cancel turn off the trigger.(As shown below right)
2.1.4 Headset mode
Open "headphones trigger" function, after leaving the APP, it will continue to detect plug headphones in the background.When headphones are plugged in, it lasts about three seconds, a window will pop up a choice, allowing you to choose whether you want to perform HelpMee headset for help detect, or general headset mode.Select "HelpMee headset Jack Trigger." Then, the phone's status bar will display "phone for help to start in." If in danger, as long as the removal of the headphones can be carried out for help.
2.1.5 Timer trigger
Timing help function to provide a predetermined time, start help. (10-second countdown screenshot as show below) 10 seconds later it will trigger, you can also press the trigger, or press Cancel to end the help.
2.1.6 Positioning Detection
In case of danger can transmit position (latitude and longitude). After the trigger will grab their place so do not be afraid to standby power.
This is a fixed function.
2.1.7 SOS Recording
If you want to open SOS Recording, you should open the mode which have SOS Recording function.
After the trigger, the contents of your SOS email letter will be attached a recording.
2.1.8 Emergency Call
"Auto dial" option.When the danger, once triggered HelpMee signal for help, HelpMee will start the automatic dialing feature.
2.1.9 Facebook posting
When you are in danger, through the Facebook community features that will post 'help' message to inform friends on Facebook, and to seek assistance.
Enabling this feature should chooose the option "SOS Facebook".
With this feature enabled, when you are in danger, it would be post a message with the location where you in and the message which you set on the facebook.
2.2 Setting
2.2.1 Shaking degree
Shake the phone to trigger sensitivity can be adjusted by setting the trigger frequency, the adjustment process can be self-testing.(After you set, leaving the program test again as well.)After shaking will pop up to remind the trigger
2.2.2 Setting Ringtones
When in danger, you can set the trigger to "silent", as well as the three built-in sound.
If you want to set 'silent', closed "ring mode" can be
To specify ringtones, press 'Setting ringtones' button, and select the alarm sound you(You can also press the speaker button to listen).
2.2.3 Emergency Contacts
Here you can set the number of emergency contact person.( phone number and email).
Remember one of the emergency contact person will be set to the main contact person, in order to provide the use of automatic dialing.
2.2.4 Setting message
Emergency SMS content settings.
If the danger, the emergency contact person you set will receive the following message(shown right picture).
2.2.5 Audio Records
Manage recordings(Record function turn on, see 2.1.7)
2.3 Nearby
Nearby function through Google map search nearby hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, police stations, and can easily search nearby location of the crime.
2.4 Emergency Number
Emergency call function, collecting global emergency telephone numbers, assuming your risk occurred in a foreign country, you can find local emergency call through this function, and direct-dial.
2.5 Information
We organize all kinds of self help information to graphic explanation of the way to provide information, the user direct view to this page.
2.6 Related News
From time to time, we will provide HelpMee related news, the user direct view through this feature.
2.7 Help Trigger way
HelpMee currently provids(1)Directly press SOS button (2)Shaking the phone (3)Desktop shortcut (4)Timer triggeto trigger:
(1)Directly press SOS button
(2)Shaking the phone(see 2.1.3 & 2.2.1)
(3)Through Widgets, shortcut buttons put the phone desktop.
(4)Timer trigger(see 2.1.5)
3. HelpMee Q&A :
3.1 Q: How much shaking force do it trigger?
  • Each phone's hardware devices are different, so it need to take the test each phone.
  • HelpMee provides five levels of shaking induction, respectively micro shake, jiggle, the shake, shake weight, mad shake.
  • After setting, return to the phone's desktop and test again.
3.2 Q: If the set is very light shaking triggered, and that is not very easy to inadvertently?
  • HelpMee provides a thoughtful design, you can open 'prevent' function, to avoid the slight shaking trigger.
  • Open 'prevent', you should long press the power button, and it will begin the countdown for trigger.
  • If there is no long-press the power button for 30 seconds, or press the "immediate trigger" button, it will jump off the screen.
3.3 Q: Why am I how shaking did not respond in the main screen?
  • There is a mechanism to do to lock shake in the main screen, the purpose is avoid repeating to open the page.
  • Please leave the program, and do the shake test.
  • Avoid leaving the program through your phone's Home Button.
3.4 Q: Why is my phone seems to open the screen to shake?
  • Specific cell phone, for example hongmi. If the screen is turned off, suspend the operation of the service, so the need to open the screen to shak to trigger.
  • Therefore, the installation finished, remember to test.
3.5 Q: How long is Audio file recorded?
  • If turned "recording" after the alarm is triggered, HelpMee will record roughly one minute of live recordings, and sent to the specified mailbox.
3.6 Q: Whether it will be a little error in the GPS positioning?
  • GPS positioning is the application of the principle of triangulation, at least to receive three or more satellites to calculate the location of the plane coordinates (ex: latitude and longitude coordinates), so if the high-rise buildings on both sides of the road, to the received signal is relatively small , signal strength is also reduced.
  • In addition to the accuracy of GPS positioning with GPS signal strength, mobile phones with GPS receivers related.
  • Therefore, it is recommended HelpMee's "position detection" and the GPS function is turned on in order to grab more accurate location information.