Are you always worried about the safety of your family and friends, and worried if the family and friends are in danger,
you can not even be informed, and give help.
HelpMee app is designed for convenient for help.
This is our own application designed for family, therefore, we carefully design.
We hope that this system can help to make more convenient and quick to notify the emergency contact person or police protection,
in order to reduce the degree of victimization.

  • Action Protection

    Combining rescue units and mutual attention team creates a protection network.  Detail

  • SAVE

    Developed a variety of innovative v, whether it is shaking, removal, timing, remote control, etc ...

  • SAFE

    A variety of innovative research and development help, whether it is shaking, removal, timing, remote control, etc ...


    By sharing your reprint, perhaps someone will be indirectly affected by help!



"HelpMee" The Department of Health and Welfare Ministry and the Ministry of the Interior whole Hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, police stations and other open information to provide the public inquiry. Integration of crime sites and newsletters to report information, when to trigger, the system will determine counties where the phone is (based on latitude and longitude), and send text messages (position, distress message) to the location of the county police unit for assistance.


Are you always worried that the safety of your family and friends, and worried if the family and friends in danger, you can not help. "HelpMee" provide incident GPS location positioning, automatic dialing for help, the MMS for help, the MMS report, facebook posting for help, the incident recording, shaking mobile phones for help, simply press the red trigger button when the critical moment quickly notify police protection unit and emergency contacts, the extent of the damage to a minimum.

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Product Features

  • Position Sensitive Detectors
    After turned on, when the danger to convey the location (latitude and longitude). In addition, it is crawling their position after the trigger so do not be afraid of the power consumption during standby.
  • SOS (emergency) MMS
    Open "SOS SMS" function. If you are in the danger,the emergency contact person whom you set will receive a newsletter.
  • SOS recording
    In the emergency contact person setting screen, you can send a test. After the test is successful, you will receive a successful test letter in your mailbox.
  • Emergency Call
    "Emergency Call" option. When you are the danger, once triggered HelpMee for help, HelpMee will start the automatic dialing feature.
  • MMS Report
    Brief report function is based on latitude and longitude where the phone made to determine the county you are in, and send help information (your location, phone number, distress message) to the county's municipal police units provided MMS report Line (if it can be determined position, the newsletter is reached newsletter NPA report Line).
  • Facebook posting
    In danger, through the Facebook community features, the distress message notify friends on facebook to seek assistance.
  • Setting ring mode
    When in danger, the trigger can be set to "silent", as well as the three built-in sound. To set silent, closed "ring mode" can be. To specify a ringtone, press the button to set the ring, and select the desired alarm sound (you can also press the speaker button to listen).
  • Help Trigger way
    HelpMee currently provids (1)Directly press SOS button (2)Shaking the phone (3)Desktop shortcut (4)Timer trigge.
  • Start to prevent inadvertently
    (to prevent accidental shaking or too sensitive)
    If you are worried about the phone shake too sensitive, you can open the "prevent" option to buff trigger.


  • How much shaking force do it trigger?
    Each phone's hardware devices are different, so it need to take the test each phone.HelpMee provides five levels of shaking induction, respectively micro shake, jiggle, the shake, shake weight, mad shake.After setting, return to the phone's desktop and test again.
  • If the set is very light shaking triggered,
    and that is not very easy to inadvertently?
    HelpMee provides a thoughtful design, you can open 'prevent' function, to avoid the slight shaking trigger.Open 'prevent', you should long press the power button, and it will begin the countdown for trigger.If there is no long-press the power button for 30 seconds, or press the "immediate trigger" button, it will jump off the screen.
  • Why am I how shaking did not respond in the main screen?
    There is a mechanism to do to lock shake in the main screen, the purpose is avoid repeating to open the page. Please leave the program, and do the shake test. Avoid leaving the program through your phone's Home Button.
  • Why is my phone seems to open the screen to shake?
    Specific cell phone, for example hongmi. If the screen is turned off, suspend the operation of the service, so the need to open the screen to shak to trigger.Therefore, the installation finished, remember to test.
  • How long is Audio file recorded?
    If turned "recording" after the alarm is triggered, HelpMee will record roughly one minute of live recordings, and sent to the specified mailbox.
  • Whether it will be a little error in the GPS positioning?
    GPS positioning is the application of the principle of triangulation, at least to receive three or more satellites to calculate the location of the plane coordinates (ex: latitude and longitude coordinates), so if the high-rise buildings on both sides of the road, to the received signal is relatively small , signal strength is also reduced. In addition to the accuracy of GPS positioning with GPS signal strength, mobile phones with GPS receivers related. Therefore, it is recommended HelpMee's "position detection" and the GPS function is turned on in order to grab more accurate location information.